LASIK Update

21 Feb

Its been over a month since I had LASIK done and its been the best month ever! My eyes arent dry at all and my vision is perfect, and i am lucky to have no halos or starbursts at night! It is so, so liberating. The one month check up with my doctor went well – The flap is healing properly and I am still at perfect 20/20 vision. For the first 2 weeks I was so nervous about my eyes – not wearing makeup and afraid to rub them the slightest bit. But that is long gone now. I rub them gently to remove my eye makeup and its not an issue. You really have to hit your eyes hard to move the flap. So all good!! and so happy!!!! I can’t wait for the summer to swim freely in the ocean without worrying about the salt water and contacts when I dry my eyes. I have avoided going under the water for many years now and cant wait to be fearless in the water again like i was before I started wearing contacts. So excited!

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