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The Obligatory “Welcome 2013! Happy New Year” Post

3 Jan

Well, well, well Happy New Year everyone!! or to anyone that actually stumbles across my blog here. Welcome to the beginning of 2013, a time when alot of people who dont normally go deeper than surface level, actually take time to evaluate their lives and themselves. What is your take on making new years resolutions? Don’t you think any day of the year is a good time to make positive changes to your life? so then why do we wait for NYE to commit to something? why do we need that extra motivation? I am just curious what others thought about the idea of making resolutions, and the philosophies, concepts, and justifications or excuses that might surround your ideas of self betterment. If you did make a resolution(s), what are they if you care to share them? If you did not make any, why did you choose not to? My new years resolutions are pretty much the same values I try to follow in every day life, every year. But when the new year roles around, I find that the focus on self betterment is renewed. However, I am NOT looking forward to going to the gym this month, which is a regular activity in my life, because it will be way too crowded with all those resolution makers. Good thing they will phase out by Feb though, tehehe.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. I have chosen to make some positive changes to my life. Last year I learned to have healthier eating habits, and i am proud to say that the new habits have stuck with me and I really made the change. I mean, its not perfect, I still definitely indulge and love food, but now i am just more aware of what I am actually putting into my body and make some smarter choices nowadays. Weight is not my issue, I was not on a diet, but I am healthier and that was last years goal, so YAY to that! Last year I also paid off all my credit card debt, which was a great feeling. 2012 was good, but I am glad its behind me since there were some rough patches. So I welcome 2013 with open warm arms and wish this year to be better than the last for all my family, friends, and loved ones.

Some things I am focusing on in 2013:

1. Connect more with family and friends. Be a better friend and person to everyone.
2. To own at my job and grow in my career. I’ve been feeling kinda stagnant lately and just need to kick it up a notch and really kick more ass at what i do.
3. To simply be the best version of me that I can be – spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. To focus more on health, wellness, mindfulness, and helping others.
4. Finally launch that website/business idea!!!
5. Have better posture. Sitting at a computer all day for work is not natural for human beings. Get up and stretch more, sit up straight, etc.
6. Save money. Save, Save, Save. Much more than I have been. Target an additional $10,000 in my savings account by the end of the year! To go towards paying off my car, or to invest in something that will give me good returns, or do I put down on a house? Not sure about the housing market right now. But whatever, just SAVE!
7. Stop complaining and being a whiner, even when nothing is seriously wrong, i can still find something to whine about. So i will stop all that and just be content and Just get it done!!!!!!

Totally doable!!!!!

In the wake of a storm

13 Nov

It is so easy to take things for granted. I try really hard not to by appreciating the little things in life, you know such as a beautiful tiny flower that gets ignored by most passer bys or that whenever my fiance stops at Burger King he brings me back a Mocha Joe because he knows I love them. I do this because these little things can add great happiness and pleasure to life. But sometimes it takes a more significant event to make you realize just how lucky you are. Sometimes it takes a disaster to force people to take a step back from their money hungry busy lives to stop and care for each other and remember “hey! we are all human beings in this together.” Hurricane Sandy tore through my state of NJ and although the devastation was tremendous, the sense community and humanity we experienced after it’s pass was enlightening, despite that most of us were literally in the dark for many days. In fact, I had no power for 12 days and was out of work for a whole week because my office also was dark. Yes it was an inconvenience. But you know what.. our ancestors lived without electricity and they survived, and it was actually refreshing to completely shut off all our electronic devices and go back to basics. The silence was never so loud. And I liked it. Sure, I was very lucky that I did not loose my home or have it sustain any damage (well we did have damage to a car – a broken rear windshield and some dents). I am lucky I do not have kids that were displaced from their schools. I am lucky in so so many ways. But watching my state pull together to support each other and help one another out has been inspiring. We are strong. Humanity is not dead. My neighbors on my mountainous road showed me that the morning after the hurricane when we discovered that our cars were trapped in our driveway. All the men with chainsaws marched up and down the road clearing everyone out. Because in times like this if we dont come together, we dont stand a chance. I just hope that people remember that once the effects of this storm have passed.

I will blog when I feel like it

3 Oct

Well, hello blog! I hope I use you as much as I envision. I am often guilty of making lofty goals and talking a mighty fine good talk without always walking the walk, thus falling short on those self made promises due to general ”life” getting in the way. But at this point of time, I am really looking forward to having a centralized, easily accessible place to jot down various thoughts, happenings, ideas, etc. This will mainly be a personal journal I can write in anywhere anytime, as long as I have an internet connection. A place to record recipes, crafts, dreams, hopes, adventures, memories and the such, as I make my journey through life. A place to post whatever I want to, whenever I feel like it! I have no idea who will stumble across my little corner of the world wide web, but for those that do – I hope you enjoy your visit and find something useful here. Love.  :)