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LASIK Update

21 Feb

Its been over a month since I had LASIK done and its been the best month ever! My eyes arent dry at all and my vision is perfect, and i am lucky to have no halos or starbursts at night!¬†It is so, so¬†liberating. The one month check up with my doctor went well – The flap is healing properly and I am still at perfect 20/20 vision. For the first 2 weeks I was so nervous about my eyes – not wearing makeup and afraid to rub them the slightest bit. But that is long gone now. I rub them gently to remove my eye makeup and its not an issue. You really have to hit your eyes hard to move the flap. So all good!! and so happy!!!! I can’t wait for the summer to swim freely in the ocean without worrying about the salt water and contacts when I dry my eyes. I have avoided going under the water for many years now and cant wait to be fearless in the water again like i was before I started wearing contacts. So excited!

My LASIK Experience: The Best Money I Ever Spent On A Sensationless Blur of Colors & Lights

16 Jan

Yay! I am a LASIK success story. Actually, probably the best possible success story there is! Maybe? hah, ah whatever, good enough to say the best in my perspective atleast. It was pretty much painless, so so quick, and worked like a charm!


First, a little background info… I am 26 years old and have been wearing glasses and contacts for over 10 years now. It wasn’t until highschool that my eyes went bad. I started having blurry vision just around the same time my parents (finally!) got a family computer. Yeah, i was on that thing all.the.tiiiimeeee. I wore my contacts much more often than the glasses. My problem was astigmatism. Everything was just blurry. It wasn’t bad in the beginning. But every year I got worse and worse, which brings me to present time, where my Rx is -5.00 in both eyes. After an ulcer in my left eye just two few years ago, and then corneal infiltrates in both last summer 2012 – I decided it was time to look into LASIK. I did plenty of online research on the pros and cons, talked to all my friends who have had it, and thought it over for a long time. (Turned out that I knew so many people who have had LASIK! But had just never known because I became friends with them after their procedures and, well, eyesight and LASIK just never came up in conversation. So ask around, your friends will give you referrals!) Anyway, I went to a few different places for free LASIK consultations, they were doctors that my friends had used. After meeting with a few doctors, a friend told me he had went to Dr. Cary Silverman from EyeCare20/20, so I decided to meet with him. Well, I found my doctor! Average in price but superior in facility, comfort, and reputation I decided then that this would be the place to get LASIK performed at. They even gave me a several hundred dollar discount for donating to his charity! I was so excited! I didn’t really remember what my daily life was like without relying on vision correction… having to take out my contacts every night before bed, always planned… so much extra shit while traveling… everything.. only people with eye problems will get it. It is something you deal with every single waking moment of your life, it is a part of your lifestyle, it is part of your identity. Every night before bed I thought about how great it would be to not have to deal with my eye, my contacts, or finding my glasses in the morning. I couldn’t wait for LASIK!

Friday January 11th 2013 I went in for the procedure. Nervous, I was shaking when I checked in at the front desk. I was thinking of all the worst case scenarios and silly things, like – what if i sneeze during it?! What if the numbing drops (that work on every one else) dont numb my eyes all the way and im the one person who can feel the laser?! I thought about every stupid “what if” thing. Yet, part of me knew it was unnecessary and that I was much more logical and stronger than those silly fears, yet I was still a little scared. And excited. They gave me Valium, which is standard procedure at most places. It really did calm me down. I was very relaxed going into the surgery. First, the nurse told me to look at the clock on the wall. It was blurry, I could not make out the numbers. She put some numbing drops in my eyes. I could feel it taking affect. Just a tiny little sensation in my skin around the eyes, nothing to be alarmed about though. Hardly noticeable. I layed down with my head under the equipment. There was a green light in the middle, surrounded by clusters of red lights in the four corners. Thats what my eyes saw while i was laying under it with the machine over my face, targeting my eyes. The machine wasnt on or anything, I was just laying there waiting for the doctor. When he came in, they taped back my eyelids, then put in the clamp device that keeps your eyes open. It was painless. I could feel it, but it was just a very light pressure. Nothing too uncomfortable. My eyeballs were numb so I couldnt feel anything, it was hard to feel if my eyes were even moving around. You just see blurs and colors, and the doctor spoke to me through the whole thing. The actual laser part was only a minute or 2 long I’d say. Painless.

I think I was so scared because I imagined experiencing an impending doom approaching my eye followed by some burning pain, but in reality my vision was only a blur, eyes numb, and mood so relaxed that all it seemed like I was looking through a kaleidoscope. A sensationless blur of colors and lights and darkness blending together in and out of focus. Within 5 minutes it was all done. I sat up and looked at the clock, which read 12:25pm. WOW. I can see immediately!!!!!! Its a little cloudy. And when i saw myself, my eyes were a bit puffy. But what do you expect?! I felt fine and I could see perfectly with my natural eye balls! They put goggles on me that I was to wear until the next morning. They were not bad at all. I cried tears of joy on the car ride home.

By the time I got home, about a half hour later, my eyes did hurt a little bit.. they burned. I went to sleep with the goggles on and woke up 5 hours later. and my eyes felt fine! totally normal!! The next day at my follow up appointment, it was confirmed that I have 20/20 vision and it could possibly continue to get better over the next few months as my eyes heal completely. AMAZING!!!!

The next morning, just 24 hours later, I woke up, took off the goggles, and it felt as if nothing ever even happened to my eyes! They felt perfectly normal. I could not believe it! How incredible technology is, and how amazingly fast my eyes seemed to start healing. I went about the day as normal. Just no tanning, no gym, and no makeup. I wore my goggles while cleaning though, just because I was worried about cat hair and dust flying into my freshly laser-sliced eyes. All was fine. I was tired very early though, by 8pm my eyes felt heavy. So naturally, I just fell asleep on the couch (with my goggles on ;) .

I had to put drops in my eyes and sleep in the goggles for only the next four nights, which makes tonight the last night. I will have to be careful about UV exposure and rubbing my eyes for the next few months, but thats nothing compared to having seemingly naturally perfect vision for the rest of my life! My eyes aren’t even dry and have no halo’s or night light problems. My vision is better now than it has ever been!

The best money I ever spent.

Going for LASIK

10 Jan

Tomorrow I go for Lasik eye surgery!! So very excited, but the closer it gets the more nervous I am becoming. I will update my blog with my recovery progress. I hope I am one of the success stories…